Engineering graduate navigating life after university.

About Me

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog, The Lean Indy. I majored in Industrial Engineering from Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) a while back and thought I should document my experiences as a female engineer and share my advice on all things engineering, the student life in pursuing a STEM major and how to pave the road to a successful career. If you don’t know, lean is a fancy word us IE’s (Industrial Engineers) like to use which means: no waste. I wish I could say that I am physically lean but I still have a hard time choosing right things to eat because I am simply addicted to sugar. And if you haven’t figured it out, indy is just a short word for industrial. So what exactly is Industrial Engineering?

IE is all about process improvement, optimization and achieving the most in terms of quality & value for the least cost. The best thing about IE is how applicable it is to all industries whether it be in service or manufacturing. I currently work in the service sector of the industry in telecommunications.

With my blog, I aim to share my advice on not only engineering and student affairs, but also how life looks like after graduation and my travel experiences and recommendations. I’ve planned a lot of things for this site and hope that you join me in my journey. Subscribe to this blog and receive bi-weekly updates (with no spam, I promise!) Connect with me, share your engineering journey, feelings and experiences.




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